Coffee with Butter?

Post date: Sep 6, 2014 7:44:43 AM

Have you caught up with the trend of drinking coffee with butter? Its roots can be traced back to Tibet, where the national drink is tea with clarified yak butter, called ghee. Inspired by this, fitness guru Dave Asprey popularized the notion of adding ghee or butter along with an extract from coconut oil into coffee and blending it well. He calls this Bulletproof Coffee, and claims it provides superior mental function without the jittery side effects of coffee. Many other fitness experts are feeding into the frenzy for buttered coffee. Asprey's recipe is very specific, but some followers simply use whatever they have on hand to substitute for high-quality ingredients. Some people have found it cuts their appetite and allows them to function well into lunchtime.

While coffee and butter hardly qualifies as a nutritious meal substitute, research has shown that coffee increases fat oxidation. Adding milk or cream introduces carbohydrates to the drink, which stimulates insulin release and can counteract the metabolism-raising effects of the caffeine. However, black coffee alone can slightly decrease insulin sensitivity, while creamer can increase metabolic rate over what coffee alone can do. So what is the upshot of the coffee-and-weight-control-discussion? Well, come people will find they enjoy it and experience greater control over their diet with no loss of function, while still consuming appropriate portions of nutritious foods. For those coffee lovers, whose doctors support their indulgence, coffee with or without butter and in moderation can be a small part of a healthy lifestyle.

Asprey's recipe can be found at: